Transporte en Cataluña y Andorra desde 1935
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Transport and Logistics in Catalonia and Andorra

Transmarquès is a company with more than 80 years of activity, specialist in transportation in the field of Catalonia and Andorra, managing links and operations in any national and international destination through an extensive network of collaborators carefully chosen and conformed by the best specialists in each zone.

 We base our activities on an approach of proximity, dialogue and personalized treatment with our clients, working jointly to meet the requirements of the Supply Chain; optimizing operations and results, supported by the use of the latest technology, our long history and a strong vocation to offer a service of the highest quality.

We transport refrigerated and merchandise without temperature requirements in regime of full load, groupage, palletization or fractional cargo deliveries. Capillary distribution of perishables and small parcels. Delivery on logistics platforms. Just in Time. Tense flows. Daily transport to Andorra and management of transits and customs clearance for export.

Our fleet consists of vehicles of different tonnages and characteristics to attend to the specificities of each service, equipped with GPS tracking and real-time temperature monitoring to ensure the quality and the traceability of the cold transport of the goods of our clients at all times .

In our warehouse we offer logistic services specialized in food, storage in cold rooms or at ambient temperature, manipulations, cross-docking operations, picking and stock management; considering variables of lots, expiration dates and traceability.

An advanced technological platform allows us to monitor in real time all the information of each expedition. Availability 24/7 of the digitized documentation, issue of situation reports, automated sending of compliant delivery, massive receipt of entries and integration with each customer's own codes for better Identification of expeditions and facilitate follow-up work.

Chilled transport

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